Aenia (RS 0-7-934430-1171-59-6-235072-226 4 in beta patch 5) is a warm E-Class planet located in the Arxen Spiral about 4.6 billion light years from Earth.


Aenia and its largest moon called Acalia.


Located within the Arxen Spiral galaxy, it is the homeworld of the Axore, a late-Type II civilization. At about 6 million years of existence, they first appeared on their planet almost 10 million years ago. 

With an atmosphere similar to Earth's, life on Aenia is very similar with photosynthesising plants and trees and marine and terrestrial creatures. The planet is home to almost 15 million types of species, both marine and terretrial. The last mass extinction occured about 26 million years ago, when a massive asteroid about 4 kilometers in diameter had crashed into ocean, creating tsunami's a thousand feet in height across the planet. 

Aenia only has one moon; Acalia. It is a temperate D-Class moon with an atmospheric pressure of 0.13 Earth's and a gravitational pull about 30% of Earth's. It is colonized by the Axore. The moon is dotted with thousands of domed cities which create a hospitable atmosphere within the domes. 


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