Akir is a warm O-Class world orbiting the gas giant Fario in the Josa system.


Overview Edit

Akir is located in the Josa system orbiting the J-Class giant Fario. It supported life once. It's semimajor axis from Fario is 544998.689 km. Like every other object in the system, it is about 4.2 billion years old.

Physical Edit

Akir has a diameter of 19022 km with a mean temperature of 27°C. Being tidally locked to it's parent planet, it orbits Fario and itself in 1.097 earth days.

Atmospherics Edit

Akir's atmosphere consists mostly of ammonia and methane. There are many clouds and one single storm in the planet's atmosphere.

Lifeforms Edit

Like Kolatio, Akir supported life once. These lifeforms were multicellular and very advanced in technology. However, they were very violent. About 50 million years ago, they exterminated themselves in a gigantic nuclear war, resulting in a new atmospheric composition, a high amount of nuclear radiation on sea level and the extermination of all lifeforms on the planet.

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