Inhabitants of Tailey, a Type I civilization.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ayesse are humanoid in shape with two arms and two legs. Evolving on a world with about 47% of Earth's gravity, they appear taller at a height of roughly 2.5 meters with thinner legs and arms. On average, they live for around 80 to 120 years. 


First appearing on their homeworld almost 5 million years ago, they began to develop intelligence almost 1.2 million years ago and entered the first era in constructing the first settlements on the planet which were believed to support about 8 among each one. The settlements soon went to war to fight over dominance and, ultimately, conquering the entire planet. 

In the last 12,000 years, they have built up an entire civilization of approximately 25 billion Ayesse on just Tailey alone. The galactic population is an extra 500 million.

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