The dominant species of Eeyttir.

Physical Description Edit

Descended from the Troodon, these creatures appear a bit as their predecessors did, although now much more erect than them. They have three fingers, one like a thumb, and they use their hands for toolmaking along with their snouts. They have three toes on their strong hind legs. Their heads still slightly resemble their ancestors but are more rounded. They have large eyes that face forward. They have a tail.

Culture Edit

Being descended from avian dinosaurs, they have early on taken interest in the sky and stars. Their early religions have always reflected that. As their intelligence evolved, so did their desire to reach the heavens. Their languages have all resembled bird song.

At one point over ten thousand years ago they had a grand technological civilization that had spread to their main moon and the nine asteroid moons that orbited their planet. They’d visited many worlds in their own system and were planning a mission to their sister star and its system to try and discover if its ocean world was suitable for colonization but disaster struck. A deadly plague nearly wiped the Conyth out. Their mighty civilization fell apart and they were thrown back into pre-technological times.

Currently the planet has 5 billion inhabitants and they have begun reclaiming their former glory. As they are descended from terrestrial life, there is now a debate going on as to whether we should contact out distant brethren. They knew in their past they weren’t native to their world, and they are rediscovering that fact now.