Cordia (RS 5619-281-7-843502-395 A4 in is the first human colony in the Black Eye galaxy. It is also the central world of the Black Eye Federation, established in 10096.


Central world of the Black Eye Federation, Cordia is a temperate E-Class world in the Black Eye galaxy.


A small team of human explorers had set out on an intergalactic adventure to find new E-Class planets in other galaxies. They had set their sights to the Black Eye galaxy almost 24 million light years from the Milky Way. At first glance, the team leader didn't hestitate to announce that the galaxy was their target for extra-galactic colonisation. They launched themselves on second generation Wormhole Drives that brought the aspiring young team to the galaxy in less than a month.

Scanning the galaxy deeply for signs of a habitable world, they found, and named, Cordia after one of their team members in 10083. A further thirteen years were taken until the planet was fully colonised, and the global population had risen dramatically to almost 4 billion by 10119. It was also the time to establish a new government in the galaxy, now known as the Black Eye Federation.


With the Milky Way left behind, and the Black Eye galaxy in their power, the Black Eye Federation had a tremendous growth of colonies throughout the galaxy. They currently number in the billions, however, only thirty-six billion star systems orbit within the galactic disk. The powerful government were about to reach the height of their power in the early 10300's.

The Federation was becoming more of an independent galactic power, separating themselves from the Milky Way for a few hundred years. The relations they had with the Confederacy of Humanity were not peaceful, but no so aggressive; they remained neutral. Until the 10400's began, the Federation lashed out in a devastating nuclear bombing on a Confederacy's colony world on the outer edge of the galaxy. The Black Eye Federation soon decided to declare war on the Confederacy in 10406.

The war was long and bloody, with roughly fifty billion civilian deaths on each side. Lasting for nearly 20 years, the Black Eye Federation were forced to surrender by the Confederacy in 10426 after the Treaty of Riuna was signed by both presidents. The Confederacy established their own colonies in the Black Eye galaxy, but diplomatic relations still have not stablised.