Cunudra(RG-0-0-0-733, Is A Distant Galaxy, 2.69 Giga-Light-years(Or 2.69 Billion Light-years) Away from The Milky Way. It is A 2-Arm Bar Spiral.

Discovery Edit

Cunudra was accidentaly Discovered When a Test of a Wormhole Went Awire Near The Andromeda Galaxy, And Linked The Virgo Supercluster to The Cunudra Galaxy. This Galaxy Has Been found to host Absurd Amounts of Life, And is thought that 1 in every 3 stars has life. With These current predictions, there is over 1 Trillion Examples of life; With a Estimate of 0.000001%, there is approximately 10,000 cases of Life Being Intelligent. Binary Stars are common in this galaxy, as is Life. The Polinian Government admits to the accident, But now says that they are going to start colonization of the Galaxy in 100000 CE. Cunudra is Part of The Polinian Cluster, Named After Polini.

Major Planets Edit


Note: For Anyone Who Wants to Find(And Add) To Major Planets: Put it in the Comments. If it Is Major, I will add it in.

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