A frozen world but teeming with life, Delgan (RS 9183-281-8-4017855-584 1) is situated within a large binary star system (the Egan System). It is the closest planet to the orange dwarf stars Egan A and B, and the only planet in the star system to support the conditions for life.


Overview Edit

While not vastly inhabited, there are plenty of mountains, dormant volcanoes, lakes and rivers. Due to the freezing temperatures, the rivers and lakes are flowing with liquid methane, initiating the methane cycle.

The life on the surface have little knowledge of anything beyond the cloud layers. Due to this, the surface is typically shadowed by the thick cloud layers, making visibility, even at daytime, very difficult. The lifeforms, both terrestrial and marine, have adapted by chemically producing their own light sources.

The climate is relatively calm with occasional rainstorms. The rain is made up of liquid methane, and due to the planet's stronger gravitational pull, it falls to the surface very quickly. The clouds are mostly made up of carbon monoxide. Within the cloud layers are two major jet streams, one for each of the northern and southern hemispheres, that wrap around the planet. Some microbial lifeforms utilise these jet streams to navigate the planet.

History Edit

The planet is estimated at roughly 4.2 billion years old. Within this time, the planet has witnessed three mass extinctions, the formation of its four largest moons, the evolution of exotic forms of life and the rise of the Igan civilisation.

The Igans, the humanoid beings that have colonised much of the planet, are a sentient species that branched off from a stronger but less intelligent creature about 6 million years ago. Through thousands of years of slow-paced evolution, they became hunter-gatherers less than 300,000 years ago, and inhabiting the shores of the Toan Seas. They developed tools and basic weapons which allowed them to scavenge for food.

Their body strength slowly weakened over thousands of years, but in addition to this, their populations gradually increased as they migrated further around the planet. Cultures began to develop, but with some differences. The males and females were not assigned specific roles as they were both treated equally. The new cultures paved the way for conflicts between two or more tribes.

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