The Dynto System is a star system 1553.79 light years from Earth. The parent star, Dynto, (RS 8474-1353-8-10993338-3) is a relatively luminous M-class red dwarf star with eight primary planets and two dwarf planets. It's second planet, Hryngeinthrom, is the homeworld of the Geintra.

Primary Planets Edit

Argotho Por (Warm N-class)

Hryngeinthrom (Temperate E-class)

Sygnopilos (Cold J-class)

Byndaak (Cold I-class)

Vit'syn (Cold J-class)

Argryntio Zelopt (Frozen I-class)

Quin'chra (Frozen I-class)

Seelreototal (Frozen I-class)

Dwarf Planets Edit

Proxt (Hot S-class)

Almama Wrin (Frozen I-class)

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