Eden (1)

Eden (RS 8476-1353-7-1368005-500 in 9.7.4.) is a temperate E-Class human colony world located around 29 light years from the Pleiades Cluster. It was discovered in 3212 and settled in 3224.

Physical Edit

This world is nearly identical to Earth. It has a diameter of 11845.4 km and a gravity of 1 G. It has a semimajor axis of 0.5 AU and a year length of 152.4 days. Its standard day length is 23 hours and 15 minutes. The system is around 4.4 billion years old. It has 12 moons, one of which is a warm S-Class world.

Climate Edit

With an axial tilt of 13°32’, the seasons on the planet are fairly mild. The planet’s mean average temperature is -13.4 °C and it’s atmospheric pressure at sea level was at 0.3 ATM but after extensive terraforming it rose to more earthlike standards.

History Edit

When the Thulcandran Federation was formed, fantasy fans from the Confederacy decided to emulate this but with elements of fantasy. They searched and found the perfect planet over a thousand light years away from the Federation. Christening it Eden, they began the process of terraforming it while at the same time performing extensive genetic engineering on themselves in order to resemble creatures of myth and fantasy.

After terraforming, each new “race” sat down and discussed land options. What was obvious was that the new race of Dwarves would take many of the major mountain ranges and the Elves (who had added large functioning wings to their physiology) would take the forests of the tall and well-lit forests. Humans were given many of the grassy areas as well as a few islands. Many of the major islands were granted to the new race who referred to themselves as the Fair Folk, or Fae, although some lived alongside the Elves.

The other races were spread out across many of the continents. For centuries the inhabitants lived true to the nature of many typical fantasy novels, even going so far as to use advanced tech to emulate magic. Many colony missions were sent out to nearby Earthlike worlds. Slowly they began to forget their origins.

Many races had altered their physiology so drastically that they had what would be considered superhuman abilities, almost magical such as superhuman strength, the ability of flight and the ability to use the ancient magic (aka still functioning technologies). Humans, being the lowest on the magical totem pole, began redeveloping technology to keep up with the other races.

Eden (2)

Map of Eden

Unknown to them at the time, a group of small Confederate spy satellites was keeping tabs on the inhabitants.

In 4012, the Worldship colony world Ceres entered the system. The inhabitants of Eden were shocked to see a new object appear in the night sky and their best magi were ordered to study the object. When the Ceresians themselves came down to the planet, many of the ancient tales of the first inhabitants of Eden having arrived from the stars began to make sense. The Edenites began focusing their efforts on reaching the stars once again and by 4731 they were a thriving united world, advancing technologically yearly. By 4744 they were a member of the Confederacy and under the full protection of them and the Thulcandran Federation. However they didn't leave their world.

When the Star Beasts were discovered thousands of years later the Edenites adopted many of them and began to explore the galaxy in a manner that they were more comfortable with.

Life Edit

The native lifeforms are carbon based in origin and greatly resemble lifeforms described in many fantasy novels, including living oceanic life forms that they trained to become navel vessels.

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