Lantir (1)

Sometimes jokingly known as Dinosauria, this world (RS 8412-1353-7-1373739-278 in 9.7.3), located 1352.8 light years from Sol, is the homeworld of the Conyth.

The planet has a diameter of 12998.9 km, making it’s gravity near Earth levels at approximately 1.13 G. It has a semimajor axis of 0.8 AU with a year length of only 256.1 days. It has a shorter day of only 15 hours and 17 minutes.

It’s aged at 6.4 billion years and has an atmospheric pressure of 1.1. It has a mean temperature of 23.4 °C. It has ten moons, one of which if a close orbiting selena that dominates the night sky.

Lantir (2)

Thriio, Eeyttir's main moon during sunrise.

What’s known about this world is that it was once a lifeless rock that was terraformed by the First Civilization around 65 million years ago to accommodate the dinosaurs. They took to their new world surprisingly well.

The current lifeforms on Eeyttir are all descended from dinosaurs transplanted from Earth during the time of the First Civilization existed and as such are all descended from dinosaurs and the like.

The planet once had an eathlike day but 49 million years ago an unknown planetary bombardment caused the rotation of the planet to speed up. The bombardment stuck in such a way that there was no mass extinction however.

Lantir (3)

Map of Eeyttir

Eeyttir is part of a binary star system, and its sister star also sports a world with life, but only primitive ocean life as the world is a tidally locked and cold ocean world.