Gilgamesh (1)

A temperate O-Class world and the fifth planet from Sephiroth A

With a diameter of 24227.2 km, this moon has a gravitational pull of 1.4 G. It has a semimajor axis of 3.2 AU, giving it a year length of o 5.2 years. Its day is 8.9 days long.

The world has a crushing atmospheric pressure of 278.9 atm and a mean temperature of -12 °C. Because of the temperature being below the freezing point of regular water small ice “islands” exist around the planet. Despite the crushing pressure, life has somehow managed to evolve in the oceans of the planet.

Most life forms live deep in the dark recesses of the planetary ocean near the icy floor to avoid the storms on the surface. However, some hardier microorganisms live on the icy islands. The world has one moon.


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