The Gorvat Empire is an intergalactic empire that spans the entirety of the M81 cluster with some other colonies elsewhere in the Virgo Cluster. It was formed by the warmongering species the Gorvats nearly 10 million years ago inside the M81 galaxy.

Government Edit

The Empire is run by a monarchy system, with an Emperor who reigns powerful over the entirety of the Empire. Traditionally, there is a one-week holiday that celebrates the establishment of the Gorvat Empire every year, and each Gorvat within the goverment is given free additional funds. With each new Emperor, they are forbidden to interfere with lives of their people, but they can employ them for the army when the Empire is under threat.

On a planet within the galactic center, a large castle-like structure was constructed by the Gorvats almost ten thousand years after the Gorvat Empire formed. The castle is where the Emperor resides; hence being named the Emperor's Castle.


For millions of years the Gorvats have divided up their history into three eras - the Second Era remains the longest of them. Their calendar system starts at the year 10 Million BCE, which in their calendar is year one. As of present day, the year in the Gorvat Calendar 10,100,000 CE.

The Gorvats emerged into the Milky Way almost nine million years ago to investigate the galaxy. They left afterwards very quickly and left behind hundreds of artifacts scattered across the galaxy. Some artifacts had left messages encrypted in the Gorvat language. More of these artifacts were found in Andromeda and the Triangulum galaxies.

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