The Grofix are an extremely ancient race of technologically hyper-advanced(Early-Late Type Omega Civilization on the Kardashev Scale) blue-shaped humanoids from another universe. They made the multiversal space-time continuum and have the ability to delete and create entire timelines,universes.At the height of their power they could destroy the entire multiverse. Although highly advanced, most Grofix are average intelligence(by their standards), with a fraction very intelligent. They had thrown a special eye on the Space Engine Universe because they think that life develops too fast in it.

History Edit

The Grofix were one of the first beings to evolve in this multiverse in a sort of proto universe. At this time the multiverse was young and chaotic. Everything could happen. As they were advanced enough they implemented their laws(known as the laws of physics today) in the multiverse to make it logic and rational. This was a very important step. But a small fraction of this chaotic forces and beings survived. They are at the war with the Grofix for many billion years now.

Biology Edit

Die Grofix (2)

Appearance of the average Grofix.

The Grofix are around 2 meters tall and weighing about 100 kg. They are as strong and physical durable as Humans,but they can be older and are by far more intelligent than Humans and most other non-transcendent race.

Having vast psionic abilities,they are able to sense and see through time and to move objects through space. They were also telepaths.

Technology Edit

The Grofix are highly advanced and can be considered as multiversal gods.However there are a few more powerful beings known as the Transcendentals,who are more powerful than the Grofix.

The technology of is largely based on time.They were masters over all of space and time.They could remove and time lock nearly everything. They build 11 dimensional objects and engineered new dimensions and universes. If the multiverse will be overrun by the chaotic forces again or will end,the Grofix will destroy and restart it with the Ultima Ratio.