General Edit

Haven is the 4th planet of the Hope System located in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a planet

teeming with life, millions of lifeforms, both unicellular, and multicellular in the oceans, and land. One of those life forms that was housed by the planet was the Havenite species, an intelligent species that would later become a type 3 civilization. The planet houses seven continents similar to planet Earth, Zazriel, Barquiel, Rahmiel, Cerviel, Pathiel, Ruhiel, and Vanriel. It would later serve as the safe haven for the human colonists of the Ambrosia Traveler. (Hence the name) Haven is one of the most important planets in all of Ambrosia's galactic history.

Formation 4.5 Billion BCE Edit

Planet Haven started to form shortly after the creation of it's parent star, Hope in 4,598,000,000 BCE. It finished forming in 4,500,000,000 BCE.

Rings Edit

Haven has six rings circling around the planet, named the Rings of Harmony. The Rings of Harmony were created when an ancient moon of Haven nicknamed "Harmony" entered the planet's roche limit, tearing the moon apart in 2,628,139,070 BCE forming the rings we see today.

History Edit

In the planet's early history, Haven was a volcanic hell world, slowly cooling from it's formation. The first major event in Haven's history was in 3,209,673,732 BCE when an ancient Hopeian planet collided with Haven, destroying the planet, and cutting Haven's size by half. After the collision the majority of the debris formed two major moons, Hearth, and Harmony. The remainder became dwarf moons, or crashed into the planet. This event may also be the origin of life on Haven. since life first emerged only 100,007 years after this event. For the next 581,533,655 years Haven was a peaceful world teeming with life, untouched by the numerous civilizations within the Ambrosia Galaxy.