Horizon ZV-66 was a human colony world in the 33rd century.

History Edit

Colonization Edit

Horizon ZV-66 was encountered midway through the year 3212 and colonized half a year later.

In a census taken in 3270 the planet had over five and a half mission inhabitants.

The Disaster Edit

In the year of 3275 Horizon ZV-66 was hit by an asteroid that had gone off its expected course. The following destruction caused at least three quarters of the population to be killed.

The government of Horizon ZV-66 did not evacuate the planet, however, and continued to live there, trying to rebuild the civilization.

Collapse Edit

By the year of 3288 the colony had begun to fail and the government's power grew weak. The colony fell into anarchy and a civil war occurred, lasting until 3292, with around one third of the remaining population dead.

The new government lasted until near the end of the year 3293 where they collapsed also, and the state of the colony decayed once more. Many inhabitants who had enough money to leave did so, leaving few survivors left on the planet. Slowly the society faded away and by the year 3297 the entire planet had been more or less abandoned.

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