The Horuth are an araneus species and inhabitants of Hemasti and Vonri.

Physical Description Edit

They are an araneus species, meaning that they have four arms and legs. They are usually around 2.5 meters in height. Horuth also have 3 eyes and communicate through a mouth-like body part. Similar to humans, they breath oxygen. They don't eat any form of plants, they rather hunt their food. Their lifespan varies between 90 and 130 years.

Culture Edit

The Hemasti have a natural interest to space. Many religions on both Hemasti and Vonri are based on deep-sky objects like the nearby Horsehead Nebula. They are peaceful, but, if necessary, they can protect themselves with high-tech weapon systems such as orbital defense towers based on quantum-technology. Both the males and women can perform any activity they like, since capitalism doesn't exist in their culture.

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