The dominant and most advanced species of the Milky Way and most galaxies within the universe.

Physical Description Edit

Originating on the planet Earth, humans are an intelligent bipedal hominid. They have four limbs, two arms and two legs, and are advanced tool users. They rose to become the dominant species of the planet many millenia ago, spreading out from the African continent to inhabit the rest of the world. Their arms have five digits called fingers which is useful for eating and fashioning tools.

Humans are also peaceful.

Thanks to advancement in medicine, the average lifespan of a human could now be considered practically immortal (645 years). The two main causes of human death are accidents and murders.

Culture Edit

Human culture is hard to pin down, considering the fact that humans inhabit most of the Milky Way as well as the neighboring satellite galaxies. There is no central government but a loose organization of all the worlds known as simply the Confederacy of Humanity, but the Sol System is held in high regard to nearly every human as it is the birthplace of humanity. Every human across the galaxy has visited Earth at least once in their life. Each human world is self governed and some, like the Amish Homeworld, are more or less left alone.

The Confederacy has no official army as they have not been in many conflicts with any other alien race, but some more militaristic worlds have a fleet of battleships they keep on standby. In times of war, these battleships can be conscripted into the Confederate Navy, one of, if not the most, powerful fleets in the local galactic area.Human population is now as of 100000 ce 1.1 quintrillion.