Hyperion (1)-0

One of the major planets within the Thulcandran Federation.

Physical Edit

Hyperion (RS 8409-1353-6-171712-233 in 9.7.4. beta patch 5) is a warm E-Class world. It has a diameter of 16426.8 km and a gravity index of 1.6 G. It has a semimajor axis of 0.9 AU giving it a year length of 306 days. Its local day length is 1.2 days. It has one moon, the warm E-Class world of Barsoom. The planet is 7.9 billion years old.

Climate Edit

Hyperion has an atmospheric pressure of 0.8 ATM and a global temperature of 33.2 °C. It has an axial tilt of 67°30’ which makes the seasons very wild and harsh.

There is more land than water but that doesn't mean the planet is barren. Large tropical forests spread across the planet. Due to the larger gravity the life forms on Hyperion have evolved to be more resistant to the gravity.

Hyperion (3)-0

Hyperion from Barsoom

Because the moon can only be seen from one half of the planet nocturnal life forms have evolved to be distinct from each other. One benefits from the light of the moon while the other survives on pure darkness.

History Edit

Discovered in 3192 the planet soon became one of the more famous of the Federation’s planets as there was evidence of Hyperion being home to a Late Type-II Civilization that formed in 800000 BCE. The monolith on Woake may have been placed there by the now extinct natives of Hyperion.

With the discovery of the Hyperion System came the discovery of the Hyperion Gates. These gates had been placed all around the space once inhabited by the Hyperion natives. If one steps between them they find themselves on another world. They still function but resisted all manner of study until only recently. The hope is that humanity can replicate these gates and use them all across the galaxy.

Sci-fi loving humans settled this world as well as its moon and began to make a civilization on Hyperion. They took full advantage of the Gates and settled the other worlds. Because of the Hyperion Gates the planet became one of the major centers for trade and culture within the Federation. Almost all worlds within the Federation have a gate on them including Thulcandra.

Hyperion (2)-0

Map of Hyperion

Culture Edit

Because of the Gate system many different cultures have spread up across the planet and Hyperion has become one the major hubs for trade of different types of foods, cultures etc. Each city with a Gate is a sprawling metropolis. They are highly advanced technologically.

The planetary population is 23 billion.

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