Isrianith is a cool O-Class planet located in the galaxy IC 1001, Israinith is located in a binary system, orbiting the star Pelsuia. It is the homeworld of the Irsyn Colony.

The Irsyn race is a Type-ANFIS-R9 variation of the offspring race Solinthi, which were previously Mercurians from the powerful Sol System.

The Irsynths live in underground pockets deep in the planet. Every 1,000 or so years, the Temporal Coordinator of the Irsynths guides the worker Irsynths to head up to the surface of the planet to collect resources.

In 7,493 A.D., A mineral gathering was spotted by the Human race while excavating Uranium from one of Isrianith's Dwarf Moons.

Despite attempts to communicate to the mysterious Irsynths by several districts of the Confederacy of Humanity, no attempts have been successful.

(Isrianith is also known as RS 7995-224-8-13632417-130 A4, patch

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