Kajupto is an E-Class planet, controlled by the Confederacy of Humanity Cohsmall, located in the galaxy IC 1613. It is one of the few human-populated worlds in said galaxy on the year 10500 and Kajupto is located about three light-years away from the system where the wormhole leading to Milky Way lies. It is the most human-populated planet in the galaxy, although it is nowhere near close to a highly populated planet. It has a single large moon orbiting it with both bodies tidally locked to each other.

History Edit

The first humans reached IC 1613 on the year 10186 and Kajupto was discovered soon after. While the atmosphere was initially too thin in oxygen for humans, simple bio-engineering i.e. the introduction of algae into the CO2-rich planet allowed for humans to live on the planet with no oxygen tanks or biodomes.

Colonization of the planet was not rapid. After the establishment of the outpost, there was barely any colony ships bound for the planet with an estimated immigration of less than 10,000 humans a year. Around the first centuries of the 10000s, humans were booming across the Milky Way due to rapid travel introduced by the new wormhole technology, enabling travel across a large galaxy, even between galaxies, to occur instantly. This further grows business and prosperity in the Milky Way, leaving little with pioneering wants.

Finally, on 10336 a large group of nearly half a million colonists, in self-imposed exile from a major human world, arrived on the planet to call it their new home. With a sudden population boom, the planet quickly began to construct their infrastructure (99% of the population lived within 900 km of the central colony) and economy based on agriculture flourished.

Slowly but steadily, the population continued to grow and several small mining stations were placed on Kajupto's large natural satellite Catandr starting on the 10370s in order to obtain some rare resources and metals for local industries, due to the low amount of imports available from the other parts of the Confederacy.

Economy Edit

65% of the population is engaged in agriculture or mining, with almost all of the rest working in industries directly related to the extractive sectors. These products are exported to population centers back in Milky Way with the former colony ships the population had used to come to the planet. The planet imports high-tech equipment, machinery, and exotic produce.


Kajupto and its moon

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