The Kilacia is a super-starcruiser built by the Giokans during the chaos of the First Galactic War; designed to travel a million times faster than the speed of light and to be equipped by a mega-cannon able to fire several shots at a target and destroy it with great accuracy.

Performance DataEdit

It is very well powered by almost a trillion gigawatts of electricity, enough to power its Warp Drive up to a million times faster than the speed of light. Once powered, it can last for almost two years. After the power has depleted, the starcruiser needs to be within a hundred AU of a massive and energetic star for around a month. 

Travelling at a million times faster than the speed of light is equivalent to 31 light years every second. 

However, the super-starcruiser is equipped with a wormhole drive which is activated once their power sources have reached 10 trillion gigawatts.

Heat ResistanceEdit

The Kilacia has heat resistant shields all over the starcruiser. It can survive temperatures as low as a brown dwarf and as hot as a yellow dwarf (a star with the same temperature as Sol).