Matria (RSC 3683-0-0-0-0 S*) is the central supermassive black hole at the center of the Amatria galaxy.


Matria, the supermassive black hole at the center of the Amatria galaxy. The accretion disk grew in size and eventually transformed the galaxy into a quasar.


Matria, an object that can't be observed directly, is a black hole with 99,064 solar masses and a diameter of 585,123 km. As discovered by the Orcians in 2107 CE, the black hole had an accretion disk about 0.78 AU in diameter.


The black hole formed at least 13 billion years ago from the products of the Big Bang. The black hole's accretion disk formed about 1 billion years ago after devouring a massive red supergiant star. The material could remain for the next 500 million years.

The Orcians, founders of the Amatrian Galactic Spherium, have used the Matria black hole as a form of transport through Universe. Due to this, the Orcians may be closer to exploring an entire new supercluster of galaxies in 101000 CE. The black hole has also been used for time travel.


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