The New Order is a rebellion organisation established after the Old Order survivors arrived at the planet Adaila.

Established in 8410, it follows the demise of the Old Order and is devoted to bringing order to the entire cosmos.


After the survivors of the Old Order arrived at the ice giant Adaila in the Andromeda galaxy, they spread across the planet with floating cities in the atmosphere connected with hyper-speed rails for trains to take passengers between cities. The colonies soon became controlled by the new government which would become the New Order in the next two weeks. In the following weeks, the New Order drew up plans to create the largest city on the planet, becoming the central city and at center of the city, the new senate would be built. The city, soon to be called Idala, began construction in 8411 and took a further five years to complete. 

Upon completion of Idala, the largest city on the planet, the New Order had begun exploring the Andromeda galaxy with unmanned missions to the nearest star systems, scanning for planets with life. Eventually, a fleet of colonisers set their course to a temperate oceanic planet with life at around 5.5 light years away, orbiting two stars. Cities were built within and on the ocean surface and quickly gained a population of 10 million within three months.

The New Order had continued to grow throughout the galaxy, soon reaching a status of ruling control of the entire galaxy for nearly a hundred years. After their reign over the galaxy, another civilisation had taken their status away and they soon became the new galaxy rulers for a thousand years.

After their reign over the galaxy was over, mysterious appearances of a spirit-like entity, known to many as The Messenger, began to appear all over the planet Adaila. First believed to be a deceased member of the senate by most people, instead, some people believed that it was an alien of a civilisation far greater than anything in our Universe and, therefore, would be at least be part of a Type VI civilisation, a civilisation that would no longer be living within our Universe.

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