Introduction Edit

Nova Gea [Other names: PH-T-5, Earth II, RS 0-0-0-733-26223-7-496412-14 A4] Is a rocky planet situated into RS 0-0-0-733-26223-7-496412-14 System.

This planet was discovered by IOSPH Org., year 2193, by the hyper-potent telescope Quaesit II. Currently is classified as the most habitable planet on the IOSPH PLANETS LIST.

Arrival Edit

2 years after its Discovery and investigation, 500 hyper-giant ships (20 millions of humans capacity) were picking up people for travel to the planet, live in it and investigate it.

4 years of inter-dimensional space travel, the ship landed on the planet. Instantly the people an companies started to work extracting materials and building cities to live well there.

Discoveries on Nova Gea Edit

Actually we have discovered 5 new natural elements on Nova Gea: (Metals) Phyrro (Py), Numtedium (Nu) and Firchterin (Fh). (No metals) Pracus (Pc) and Yenic (Yc).

+1,500 species; The most conplexes and with an earth animal comparation: Cfneoideus (Lyon), Schepyloideus Lupus (Wolf), Neamithosi Moldeic (Lizard).

+620 plants types.

Society, economy and others geographical facts Edit

Currently there are 3.500.000.000 humans living on Nova Gea. There are 13 countries and 1 unclaime land. The purchase of 50km2 costs 500.000$ and it goes to IOSPH; That's why there are the richest countries of the Earth on Nova Gea, and that's why IOSPH is one of the richest companies.

The GDP per human is 50.000$.

Currently there's no any corrupt case, war or other conflics. Everything in there is managed by IOSPH

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