Description Edit

Rania is a J-Class planet in the outer Sakian system. It holds numerous colors, and a strange black spot.


The Dark Spot, above.

Rania has 5 major moons, and numerous dwarf moons.

Moons Edit

Name Class Orbital Period ESI
Johya S-Class 19 hours 0.613
Vestivus D-Class 39 hours 0.708
Ziyu D-Class 2.6 days 0.583
Yarno S-Class 4.8 days 0.616
Quinar D-Class 54.8 days 0.667

Vestivus and Quinar are the most interesting moons, as they are only moons in the entire system with a thick atmosphere.

Timeline Edit

4.7 billion BCE: Rania is created.

190000 BCE: Rania is discovered

50156 BCE: The Iney Probe takes pictures of Rania.

50125 BCE: The Iney Probe crashes into Rania as its mission was complete.

50216 BCE: The Dark Spot is now known to be created of carbon.

48936 BCE: A small CubeSat Swarm is launched to Rania and the outer worlds.

2104 CE: The first Cloud City is in construction

2159 CE: The first Cloud City is complete.

2917 CE: There are an upward of 163 Cloud Cities. The largest in population being City Omega, with 63 Million Xa'Thins populating it.

Today: There are thousands of cloud cities with billions of Xa'Thins populating Rania.

Photos Edit


An image of 3 Tourist Ships heading for a Ranian sky city.


Iney's first image of Rania.


An image of Quinar.


An image of Vestivus and Xiyu.


Rania's rings up close.