The most unique space dwelling creatures in the galaxy. Also known as Star Whales.

Physical Description Edit

Resembling massive whales with black fur, the origins of these massive beasts are unknown. What is known is that their skin is one of the toughest known organic substances to date, being able to repel most conventional weaponry, small to medium sized asteroids and space debris as well as normal solar and interstellar radiation.

They move through space by organically generated FTL. They have a specific organ that allows them to generate a warp field around itself. It spins itself as it travels through space, creating some sense of gravity inside, about half a G. The beast has a large inner cavity that is airtight and can naturally produce oxygen.

The Star Beasts have intelligence at about the same level as a terrestrial whale and are very gentle with their passengers. They are very loyal to their masters like a dog.

History Edit

It is unknown where the Star Beasts came from, although the most widely accepted theory is that they are genetically engineered biological ships built by the First Civilization due to many drawings appearing in prehistoric worlds inhabited by transplanted species, including many on Eeyttir.

They were first discovered by the Swarm 230,000 years ago and were used by it to travel between its two worlds. When the Core Worlds Alliance discovered the Swarm in 9152 they dismissed the Star Beasts as a scientific curiosity and not worthy of study. When discovered by the Confederacy after the First Galactic War they began intensive studying of the creatures.

A few Star Beasts were brought to the core worlds of the Confederacy for more study. With less radiation to deal with they began to multiply more, spawning a small fleet. Some humans began keeping Star Beasts as pets and used them to travel the galaxy. There was even a small section of the galaxy where the majority of the interstellar transportation is Star Beasts.

Currently the population of Star Beasts numbers in the hundred millions.

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