The Stardust Dwaf Galaxy is One of the Most Distant Galaxies ever, Reaching a Distance of 27.9 Gly Away 

from the Milky Way. The SDG Is Incredibly Small, only ~4580 Lightyears across, and only holding Less than 70 Million Stars. The SDG Holds Lots of Larger, much younger Blue Stars, Giving the fact that this is a very young galaxy. This is supported by only one nebula is inside the galaxy. Stars are very distantly spaced, as there is only one star every 4-5 Lightyears. The SDG, as one would expect for it's small size, is already dominated by the Stepul

The First Civilization Edit

Very Minor Evidence Suggests that The First Civilization Managed to travel out to the SDG, or the Stepul Gave a Lone Spacecraft a ride to the SDG. Very odd Signals Eminate from the Nebula, giving off clicking, chirping sounds repetitively, at the frequencies of Silicon, Hydrogen, and Technetium. It is thought Some Inhabitants of The First Civilization were abducted Near Their Extinction and taken here.