It's a E-Class planet that orbits TRAPPIST-1, a small red dwarf. TRAPPIST-1 d also know as Poenicans by it's inhabitants.

Overview Edit

It was first discovered in 2017 with the TRAPPIST telescope, and was first visited by humans in 2093, with the Kelvin ship. It was colonized in 2101, and by 2340 was terraformed.


Arrival of Kelvin to TRAPPIST-1 d.


Poenicans Capital, 2410.

When the first collonists arrived here they had trouble getting used to the red skys and the kids asking why the planets moves and the sun does not. 99% of the population lives on the bright side, the rest who lives in the dark side are mostly workers or astronomers.

Population Edit

Being the main world in the TRAPPIST-1 system, it has the largest population in the system, 3.5 billion people. The planets are so close that they can visit a planet very often. About 99% lives on the bright side, the rest lives in the dark side to work or simply see the sky.

Climate Edit

It has a constant hurricane on the bright side, because of it's tidal lock to TRAPPIST-1. And it is a relatively cold place.

Division Edit

The bright side is where most of the population lives, in the dark side there are observatories and industries, and some criminals. It's very barren there.

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