• Hey guys! I've recently been thinking of this wiki, which I see as an umodded version of Space Engine. You may know where I'm going with this. I've been thinking we should have another wiki but for the modders where modders can collaborate together and customise certain things, but with some rules (e.g. no adding new galaxies - they are massive places!).

    What do you think? If anything, I'm happy to be the owner and founder of the wiki, if you think this is a good idea.



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    • Sounds interesting, but what do you mean by customizing things? Like adding planets and whatnot? :o

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    • Yeah. Adding in star systems, planets and then they can create their information on the planets and its inhabitants, whether its a human colony, alien civilisation or just a random alien world. I feel like its a good way for modders to collaborate and create an entire universe with each modder's addition.

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    • Hey, I still think you can do that here, just post the files onto the pages you create. We download them and add them to our Space Engine. I did that with the Sol System files.

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    • Like add or remove planets, moons and stars? Because I thought we're not allowed to do that.

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    • Yea that's true. Never mind. I like the idea though. I've even added three galaxies to one of my Space Engine folders.

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