Otherwise known as The Traveler or the Traveling Adventurer, this man is a legend among the Confederacy and also in the early stages of black hole time travel. According to legend, he has used the black hole method of time travel ever since it was invented to continuously move forward in time decades in order to see how humanity grows over the course of its history. There have been sightings of him all over the galaxy. He is described as wearing all black with a black trenchcoat.

There have been sightings of him at special historical occasions in human history, like the formation of the URSS and the signing of the Confederacy Treaty at TerraSphere Alpha in 3000, but it is more than likely that those stories are fiction. The credibility of other stories of the Traveler has neither been confirmed or denied as it is entirely possible that he exists.

Among all the stories one thing stays the same: his need to update his technology and his databases on his ship, which he seems to regularly upgrade during each visit to a planet or space station. He seems to stick around for an Earth year then vanishes. He is claimed to be an incredibly clever man, able to create an identity for himself so that he will not be caught during his yearly visit.

Many investigations into his identity have been made but there is no record of a man who vanished and never returned during a Time Jump. Still, the legend exists and continues to grow stronger as the centuries go on.

The Traveler Legend has inspired many eager people to abandon their lives and emulate him, but it seems they never last more than two or three Time Jumps. The longest imitator lasted six fifty year jumps before stopping and building a house on a frontier world.

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