Xamir is a star with 9 planets located in another galaxy. Xamir Prime (Xamir 7) is a homeworld for Xamirians - intelligent bug-like species.

Planets Edit

Xamir has 9 planets :

- Xamir 1 - hot selena planet (until it was destroyed by test version of Eater of Planets)

- Xamir 2 - hot gas giant

- Xamir 3 - hot desert planet

- Xamir 4 - hot oceania planet

- Xamir 5 - hot oceania planet

- Xamir 6 - cold ice planet

- Xamir Prime (Xamir 7) - frozen gas giant (homeworld of Xamirians)

- Xamir 8 - frozen ice planet

- Xamir 9 - frozen gas giant (colonized by Xamirians)

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